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Our food philosophy is based on the time-tested, age-old practices of South India

This journey is about exploring and understanding the time-honoured principles and practices from South India and bringing them to the 21st century.

People have been living on this naturally plant-based, vegetarian diet for centuries. It's been honed and refined over generations to incorporate all the nutrients, protein, vitamins and minerals we need to live healthy, strong and wholesome lives without any deficiencies.

This is no fad diet. It’s the way of life for millions of people and has been for hundreds of years.

Much of South Indian cuisine is naturally gluten-free and refined-sugar free. Although dairy products like yoghurt, milk and butter are used traditionally, we will try and offer alternatives wherever possible. Coconut milk is very popular in the South, and we will experiment with nut and soya alternatives too.

The keystone of South Indian cooking is the spices. As well as adding depth and flavour, many of them have medicinal properties, meaning that the food you eat is healing, caring and nourishing you from the inside. You don’t need a spoon full of sugar to make this medicine go down!

South Indian cooking is a full sensory experience. Although the common senses associated with food are usually sight, smell and taste, in South India, we also like to add sounds (cue popping mustard seeds), and feel the textures of the food - we're all about eating with our hands!

Cooking and eating should be enjoyed and we hope to bring variety and excitement back into your culinary pursuits!